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Heilongjiang Institute of Technology Prospectus for student abroad

Heilongjiang Institute of Technology

Prospectus for student abroad


Heilongjiang Institute of Technology (the Institute) is a full time multidiscipline institute featured with engineering as its lead. The Institute is located in the famous northern city Harbin, consisting of three campuses with total covering area 800,000 m2, and a floor area of 310,000 m2bbin真人. The faculty number is more than 1,300. Among them 759 are full-time teachers, including 427 professors and associate professors, 610 of them with doctor’s or master’s degree. There are 14,200 full-time undergraduates and three-year students, plus 1,300 adult students.

bbin真人the institute consists of 14 schools or departments, modern educational technology center, scientific and technological exchange and training center, driver training center, adult education college, vocational training center, and a modern library with collections of 1,470,000 books and 1,200 periodicals at home and abroad. the teaching facilities are included such as stadium, gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis court, club, etc.

bbin真人the institute actively seeks for academic exchange and cooperation at international level, establishing a long-term friendly and cooperational relationships with many higher institutions and world top 500 corporations of countries in europe, america, and the asian-pacificregion. substantive results have been achieved on teaching, research and personnel training, especially in the 1990s signing the agreements for student’s training with schiller university, usa, university of greenwich, uk, centennial college, canada, and nagaoka college of technology, japan. the number of visiting teachers and students has added up to 80.

 The Institute is entitled by China’s government to the enrollment of student abroad. International Cooperation and Education Center is in charge, which holds favourable teaching facilities and accommodation, including classrooms, labs, multi-media room, reading room and activity room only available for student abroad.

harbin city, as one of common spoken chinese areas, is an ideal place to learn standard chinese. teaching is focused here, and effectiveness is valued. teacher is selected and small class is adopted. every student is sufficiently guaranteed to practice language learning in special classroom with special personnel.

the institute bends itself to creating a fine and homelike place with solicitous service and facilities for student abroad.

you will be here sincerely welcomed!

2Specialty ----TCSL(Teaching of as a Language)

bbin真人long-term and short-term classes are mainly given.



3. Charging Standards




tcsl class


tcsl class

cultural experience class


11,500 yuan per academic year

bbin真人6,000 yuan per semester

2,000 yuan per month

(600 yuan per week)

2,000 yuan per month

bbin真人(600 yuan per week)


260 yuan


bbin真人30 yuan per day


bbin真人 about 500 yuan per month


according to facts




bbin真人personal pay for visits outside of campus


(1) every room in the apartment has network interface, tv, phone, toilet and bathroom.

(2) the tuition is supposed to be totally collected one week before the beginning of semester. if a student transfers to another school or flunks out halfway, without any special reason, the tuition will not be reimbursed.

4 Application for Admission

(1)any applicant who approves of the admission requirements, needs to fill up the heilongjiang institute of technology student abroad application form(the form can be downloaded from the website of international cooperation and exchange division).

bbin真人(2)2-inch bareheaded photos are needed in the form,  together  with certificates of academic degree, chool report, passport copy, another 6 2-inch photos and application fee(260 yuan).post all above to the international cooperation and exchange division in heilongjiang institute of technology.

(3) after all above are received, the letter of admission to heilongjiang institute of technology and visa application for study in china(in short—jw202) will be conducted by the institute and posted to the applicant.

bbin真人(4)the applicant will carry jw202, the letter of admission to heilongjiang institute of technology, passport and physical examination sheet to the china’s embassy or consulate in his own country to applicate x visa(learning for or over one year).if the time lasts half year, f visa is available.

(5)the applicant has to render the physical examination sheet according to china’s health and laws and regulations, but f visa does not cover it.

bbin真人(6)when the applicant comes into china as a student, he will be told by foreign affairs officer in the institute, to apply to and pay for the residence permit and insurance.

5Contact Information

address: international cooperation and  exchange division,

bbin真人heilongjiang institute of technology,

999, hongqi street,

bbin真人harbin, heilongjiang province,

p.r. china

tel : +86-451-8802-8737

FAX : +86-451-8802-8737

Website of the Institute:

website of international cooperation and exchange division:

contact: li xiaodan

tel: +86-451-88028737

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